Technology Support

Technology/Instruction Support
, led by DiGangi, has extensive experience
in directing and collaborating on K-12 projects and will design the Down
to Earth Education Center. This virtual center will integrate the well-established
educational Web sites from the three research domains: Planetary units
will have wide dissemination across the country and world, as the Mars
Web site (
is broadcast over the NASA network. Ecology units will also be linked
to a national (LTER) network through the Ecology Explorers site (,
which features protocols, databases, and an online newsletter. IN-VSEE
has established an interactive learning community (
where teachers and students can operate advanced microscopes and link
to the Materials Science and Engineering Web sites for more resources.
The virtual center will serve as a dynamic repository of information on
science education and a place where educators, scientists, and students
can interact. In this "intelligent" system, Web pages will be
constructed dynamically — drawing from a vast array of interrelated
databases. Teacher will be able to assemble resources from across disciplines,
choosing the communication tools and instructional applications that best
suit them.