Lesson: What are the Properties of Sea Water?

Author: Rachel Morgan

Area: Earth and Space Science

Grade Level: 7-12

Overview: Students will be discussing and discovering the properties and composition of salt water through their own research using the internet, books from the school and/or local library, newspaper, television, and textbook.


1. 6SC-E7 Describe the composition and physical characteristics (including currents, waves, tides, and features of the ocean floor) of the earth’s bodies of water.
2. 6SC-P5 Identify, investigate, and predict the factors that influence the quality of water and how it can be reused, recycled, and conserved.
3. 5SC-P2 Describe and explain properties and composition of samples of matter, using models (including atomic and molecular structure and the periodic table).

 Lesson Plans (pdf/doc)