Recent Events

Texas A&M Event

"One-day conference for the GK-12 projects from the southwest US. This program provided opportunity for us to share updates on our respective projects. We shared project information in the morning after a keynote presentation by Dr. Sonia Ortega, Director of the NSF, GK-12 Project in Washington DC. In the afternoon, we had break out sessions that provided a variety of new ideas for inquiry-based lessons."
- Jan Snyder

Iron Scientist

This event was first hosted as a demonstration during the annual GK-12 Conference in Washington, DC during the spring of 2007. Participants (in teams) were provided with a basic prop (in this case paper cups) with which they demonstrated as many scientific principles as they could in a given amount of time. The event was enjoyable for both participants and spectators but, more important, served as a model for the GK-12 projects to promote with their teacher/fellow partnerships. We, on a much smaller scale, held an Iron Scientist event during our fall (2007) one day workshop for the fellows and teachers at ASU. Our plan is to have the partners sponsor a like event at their schools.