What The Mind Remembers?

 Author:  Jeffrey J. Burmeister

AreaLife Sciences 

 Grade Level: 9-12



Students will be able to ask questions about how the brain forms and retrieves memories. They will be able to devise an experiment that attempts to shed some light on the question. Students will be allowed to make general observations from questions given to them that concerns the brain. The brain raises questions that scientists and psychologists have yet to answer, such as: Why do we retain memories and lose others? How do our senses affect memory? Students will then be able to devise an experiment that will shed some light on these questions. A general overview of how the brain physiologically works would be helpful for students with limited understanding of how memories are formed and retrieved.


National Standards: 

Life Sciences: Content Standard C

  • Behaviour of organisms

Arizona State Standards:

Strand 4: Life Sciences:

Concept 4: Diversity, Adaptation, and Behaviour

P.O.1 Explain how an organism behaviour allows it to survive in the environment.

 Keywords: Brain function, Memory, Recall, Senses


Lesson Plan (pdf / doc)