The Skeleton

 Author:  Caitlin Schrein

DisciplineLife Sciences 

 Grade Level: 5-6

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 Duration: 2 hours

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The following lesson engages students in a hands-on activity that will introduce to them concepts that are important for understanding bone structure. The first activity will help students understand why long bones are shaped the way they are. In the second activity they build their own creature by selecting the material that will be used for its skeleton. The objective of this activity is that the students will understand that composition, weight, density and strength are important aspects of skeletal material that affect how a creature moves. Through class discussion, students should make connections between the results of this activity and their own skeletal structure. Follow-up activities will expand the students’ comprehension of how bone is structured.

Keywords: Skeleton, Bone, Body Support, Vertebrates.


National Standards:

Content Standard C: Life Science

Structure and function in living systems.

Arizona State Standards: 

Strand 4: Life Science

Concept 1: Structure and Function in Living Systems.

Grade 5:  PO1 - Identify the functions and parts of the skeletal system

               PO2 - Identify the following types of muscles - cardiac, smooth, skelatal.

Grade 6:  PO6 - Relate the structures of living organisms to their functions -( locomotion  - muscles, skeleton)


 1 Handout (pdf / doc)
 Skeleton Plan (pdf / doc)

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