You talkin' to me?: Investigations in animal behavior

 Author: Kasey Yturralde 

AreaLife Sciences 

 Grade Level: 6-8


The main objective of this lesson plan is to teach students how to develop and conduct scientific investigations of animal behavior. Students are first introduced to aspects of animal behavior such as animal communication and adaptation using a videotape and an interactive game. The lab exercise that follows takes an inquiry approach to teaching key concepts and is designed to span several days. Students develop their own investigations of animal behavior using crickets and conduct experiments in groups. Formative assessment is conducted throughout the lesson through class discussions. Summative assessment is through multiple worksheets and the final poster.



  • National Science Standards
    • Content Standard A: Science as inquiry
      • Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry 
      • Understanding about scientific inquiry
    • Content Standard C: Life Science
      •   Regulation and behavior
      • Diversity and adaptations of organisms
    • Content Standard G: History and Nature of Science
      • Nature of science
  • Arizona Science Standard
    • Grades 6-8
      • Strand 1: Inquiry process
      • Strand 2: History and nature of science
      • Strand 4: Life Science
        • Concept 3: Populations of organisms in an ecosystem
      • Strand 4: Life science
        • Concept 4: Diversity, adaptation, and behavior


 Lesson Plan (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet #1 (pdf / doc)
 Discussions Questions (pdf / doc)
 Game (ppt)
 Worksheet #2 (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet #3 (pdf / doc) 
 Worksheet #4 (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet #5 (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet #6 (pdf / doc)
 Worksheet #7 (pdf / doc)
 Poster Rubric (pdf / doc)