The Wave Nature of Light

Jeremy Ecton
Grade Level: 
National Science Education Standards: 
Concept A: Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations Concept B: Transfer of energy Concept E: Abilities of technical design
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Strand 1: Inquiry Process Concept 1: Observations, Questions, Hypothesis Concept 2: Scientific Testing Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions Concept 4: Communication Strand 2: History and Nature of Science Concept 1: History of Science as a Human Endeavor PO4: Analyze the use of technology in science related careers Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Concept 1: Changes in Environment Concept 2: Science and Technology in Society
In this lesson students will learn about the wave nature of light via the classic double slit experiment. Students will use an optical simulation program to model the double slit experiment.
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