Grand Challenges for Engineering

Christina Foster
Grade Level: 
National Science Education Standards: 
In the middle school years, students’ work with scientific investigations can be complimented by activities that are meant to meet a human need, solve a human problem, or develop a product. The understanding of technology can be developed by tasks which students have to design something and also by studying technological products and systems.
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
• Strand 1, Concepts 1 - 4 • Strand 2, Concept 1 - 2 • Strand 3, Concepts 1 -2 • Strand 4, Concept 3 • Strand 5, Concept 2 - 3
Introduce Students to 5 grand challenges

Students will be exposed to 5 of the 14 grand challenges as a way to introduce them to the topics that relate to them in their science curriculum. Further, these lessons will be used to set the tone for a Grand Challenges Engineering and Science fair.

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