Water Survivor Class Lesson: Incorporating the Grand Challenges into the Classroom

Jacelyn Rice
Grade Level: 
National Science Education Standards: 
Science as Inquiry Science in personal and social perspectives
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Strand 1: Inquiry Process • S1C1- Observations, Questions and Hypotheses • S1C2- Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling) • S1C3- Analysis, Conclusions and Refinements Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives • S3C1- Changes in Environments • S3C2- Develop viable solutions to a need or problem Strand 6: Earth and Space Science • S6C1- Geochemical Cycles
To introduce the students to the grand challenge of supplying access to clean water.

Supplying access to clean water is one of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) grand challenges for the 21st century. The lack of clean water is estimated to be responsible for more deaths in the world than war. About 1 in every 6 people living today doesn’t have access to clean water and double that value is lacking access to basic sanitation. The shortage of water is a factor of the supply not always being located where it is needed. In many instances, economic and political barriers can prevent access to water even in areas where it is otherwise available. In some countries the people discharging toxic contaminants and waste contaminate water supplies. As well as, by arsenic and other naturally occurring poisonous pollutants found in groundwater aquifers. This lesson aims to introduce students to the global crisis at hand and introduce the students to the water treatment process here in the United States.

• Recognize the importance of supplying access to clean water and the extent to which this is lacking in some areas.
• Identify the different uses for water.
• Identify the factors attributing to the problem in water supply.
• Create a model for a filtration apparatus.
• Identify the constituents and substances that water is treated for.

Water, resources, contaminants, pollutants
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