Human Characteristics Lab – How similar are we?

Celena LeClair- 2008-2009 Graduate teaching fellow; Trina Howard – Lowell Elementary School
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National Science Education Standards: 
Grades 5-8: Content Standard C: Life Science - Reproduction and Heredity A new individual receives genetic information from its mother and its father. Hereditary information is contained in genes. An inherited trait of an individual can be determined by one or by many genes. Some traits are inherited and others result from interactions with the environment.
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Science Standards (Grade 6): Strand 1: Inquiry Process Concept 1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses PO 1. Differentiate among a question, hypothesis, and prediction. PO 2. Formulate questions based on observations that lead to the development of a hypothesis. Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Concept 2: Science and Technology in Society PO 1. Propose viable methods of responding to an identified need or problem. PO 2. Compare possible solutions to best address an identified need or problem PO 3. Design and construct a solution to an identified need or problem using simple classroom materials Strand 4: Life Science Concept 2: Molecular Basis of Heredity: Understanding the molecular basis of heredity and resulting genetic diversity PO 1. Analyze the relationships among nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), genes, and chromosomes. PO 3. Explain how genotypic variation occurs and results in phenotypic diversity.
During this lesson students are introduced to the idea that although we are very similar to one another, we are also very different. Students will be able to understand that our differences reflect a direct interaction between both genetic and environmental factors. In addition, students should also begin to understand that molecular differences (variation in DNA) help explain our phenotypic differences.
traits, inheritance, co-vary, correlation, genetic variation
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