Color, Contrast and Clarity: Exploring the Next Generation of Flexible Color Displays

Eric Turner
Grade Level: 
National Science Education Standards: 
Physical Sciences Levels 5-8 •Properties and changes of properties of matter. •Transfer of energy
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
• 1SC-E1: Observations, Questions, and Hypotheses - Formulate predictions, questions, or hypotheses based on observations. Locate appropriate resources. • 1SC-E2: Scientific Testing (Investigating and Modeling) - Design and conduct controlled investigations. • 1SC-E3: Analysis and Conclusions - Analyze and interpret data to explain correlations and results; formulate new questions. • 1SC-E4: Communication - Communicate results of investigations. • 2SC-E1: History of Science as a Human Endeavor - Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge. • 3SC-E1: Science and Technology in Society - Develop viable solutions to a need or problem • 5SC-E1: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter - Understand physical and chemical properties of matter
The lesson can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of levels of preexisting knowledge. Basic concepts of light, color, and vision are helpful, but shortcomings can be quickly addressed at the start of the lesson

This lesson can be completed in one or two days. It seeks to introduce and reinforce fundamental concepts in light and energy, as well as expose students to rapidly evolving technology and new engineering challenges. Students will use basic color theory and fluorescent dyes to simulate organic light emitting diode (O-LED) based flexible displays.

Accompanying Documents
1. Supplemental PowerPoint presentation containing
a. Slide on “how we see”
b. Spectrum recording template
c. Display colors for observing
d. Lab questions & answers
e. Follow up assignment
2. Spectroscope template

1. Nitrile or Latex gloves should be worn
a. Dyes are not toxic by contact, but may stain
2. UV light is harmful to eyes, exposure must be avoided

Energy, Light, Spectrum, Color, Engineering Applications
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