Separation of Mixtures: Properties in Matter

Eulalia Sui (ASU Graduate Student) & Mr. Brian Fireng (Chandler School District)
Grade Level: 
8th Grade
National Science Education Standards: 
Physical Science Content Standard B: Properties of objects and materials
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Strand 5: Physical Science Concept 1: Properties and Change of Properties in Matter PO 1. Identify different kinds of matter based on the following physical properties: • States • Boiling point • Solubility PO 5. Classify mixtures as being homogenous or heterogeneous PO 7. Investigate how the transfer of energy can affect the physical and chemical properties of matter
In developing sensing devices, a selective medium is usually employed to collect the compound(s) of interest and ease detection. To achieve selectivity, compound(s) of interest must be differentiated from other contaminants. One differentiation mechanism is to make use of the physical properties of the mixture. In the following lesson, students will observe separation of mixtures. Separation will occur based upon differences in physical properties. Two different mixtures are proposed for variation in the depth of content coverage desired and the materials available.
physical property, mixtures, boiling point, states, solubility, transfer of energy
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