Classification Station

Elisabeth V. Culley (ASU Graduate Student) & Ms. Shannon Harshman (Deer Valley Unified School District)
Grade Level: 
8th Grade
National Science Education Standards: 
Science as Inquiry, Life Science
Arizona State Science Education Standards: 
Strand 1: Inquiry Process Concept 1: Observations, questions, and hypotheses Objectives: Develop questions based on observations that lead to hypothesis formation Concept 3: Analysis and conclusions Objectives: analyze data that show a variety of possible relationships to identify trends; form a logical argument about relationships between variables; explain how evidence supports the validity and reliability of conclusions; plan new investigations based on known data Strand 4: Life Sciences Concept 4: Diversity, adaptation, and behavior Objectives: determine characteristics of organisms that could change through time; describe traits that allow organisms to survive and reproduce
Classification Station was developed as part of the National Science Foundation’s GK-12 Down to Earth Science Program at Arizona State University. The lesson strives to increase science literacy in the 8th grade by using actual research problems to teach age-appropriate concepts and inquiry methods. Classification Station presents students with a collection of living organisms which they must organize as the basis of a classification system that identifies relationships among known species and that helps categorize newly discovered ones. Students develop and apply their pre-existing knowledge about variation, adaptation, and evolution while learning new analytical procedures. Classification Station is a “performance of understanding” for Strands One and Four of the Arizona Science and Technology Standard and underscores the relevance of scholastic content in contemporary scientific research.
inquiry, life science, variation, adaptation, evolution, classification, taxonomy
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