How Does a Computer Remember?

Author: Trudy Sherman

Area: General Science

Grade Level: 7-8



This lesson illustrates how an electric charge can be created, stored, and removed using an electromagnet. The students will hypothesize and then explore which materials create the best electromagnets. Computers store internal data electromagnetically. The principles behind how an electromagnet works are very similar to the principles of computer data storage: RAM, ROM, hard drives, and floppy disks. The tie between the scientific inquiry the students perform during this activity and how scientists and engineers determine how to make improvements will be pointed out at both the set up of the activity and during the findings review at the end.insert overview of lesson here


Arizona State Science Education Standards:
•S5C1 SP06 Explain the systematic organization of the periodic table    

•S5C1 DP02 Explain the interactions of the parts of the atoms.    

•S5C1 SP07 Investigate how the transfer of energy can affect the physical and chemical properties of

•S1C1 SP01 Formulate questions based on observations that lead to the development of a hypothesis    

•S1C1 DP01 Formulate questions about the world around you   

•S1C1 DP02 Uses senses as appropriate to observe things in the world around you    

•S1C1 SP03 Generate a hypothesis that can be tested    

•S1C2 SP01 Demonstrate safe behavior and appropriate procedures in all science inquiry   

•S1C2 SP02 Design a controlled investigation to support or reject a hypothesis    

•S1C2 SP03 Conduct a controlled investigation to support or reject a hypothesis   

•S1C2 SP05 Keep a record of observations   

•S1C3 SP01 Analyze data obtained in a scientific investigation to identify trends    

•S1C3 SP05 Explain how evidence supports the validity and reliability of a conclusion   

•S1C4 SP01 Communicate the results of an investigation   

•S1C4 SP05 Communicate the results and conclusion of the investigation   

•S2C2 DP01 Using the scientific process from beginning to end; create a hypothesis, plan how to test
the hypothesis, conduct the experiment, analyze the data and present the findings


Lesson Plans (pdf/doc)

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