Let there be light

 Author: Saba Hedayatollahnajafi

Area: Physical Sciences 

 Grade Level:



In this lesson, the students learn how to use their cognitive abilities to deduce the basic ideas that define the principles that are the basis for operation of batteries.  They will use some of the basic household equipment to make their batteries. 



			Arizona State Standards
			Strand 1: Inquiry Process
			               Concept 1: Observations, Questions, and Hypothesis
			               Concept 2: Investigating and Modeling
			               Concept 3: Analysis and Conclusions
			               Concept 4: Communication
			Strand 5: Physical Science
			               Concept4: Chemical Reactions
			               PO 2. Identify the indicators of chemical change, including formation 
			               of a precipitate, evolution of a gas, color change, absorption or release 
			               of heat energy
			               PO 3. Represent a chemical reaction by using a balanced equation
			               PO9. Predict the products of a chemical reaction using types of 
			               PO12. Compare the nature, behavior, concentration, and strengths of 
			               acids and bases
			               PO13. Determine the transfer of electrons in oxidation/reduction 
			National Standards
			               Concept A:  As a result of their activities in grades 5-8, all students should
			                                 Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
			                                 Understand about scientific inquiry      
			Concept C: As a result of their activities in grades 5-8, all students should
			               develop an understanding of:
			               • Properties and changes of properties in matter
			               • Transfer of energy


 Keywords: Battery, Electricity, Energy Transfer, Energy Storage

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 Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)