Lesson: Equation Translation


Author: Brooke Jenkins

Area: General Science

Grade Level: 6-8




The ability to understanding the meaning of a mathematical equation is important to many areas in science. This lesson is designed to help students be able to translate equations into sentences and to translate sentences into mathematical equations thereby giving meaning to the equations.



Arizona State Standards
3M-E3. Describe the concepts of variables, expressions, equations and inequalities.
PO 1. Describe and use variables in a contextual situation.
PO 3. Translate a written phrase to an algebraic expression and vice versa (words to symbols and symbols to words)(eg. The quotient of x and y)

1SC-E3. Organize and present data gathered from their own experiences, using appropriate mathematical analyses and graphical representations.
PO 2. Interpret patterns in collected data.


 Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
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 Worksheet Plan (pdf/doc)