Lesson: Discovering Ways to Further Classify Matter

Author: Katie Foland

Area:Physical Sciences

Grade Level: 6-8

						Keywords: Classification, Matter

Overview: This lesson was designed for middle school students to help them classify matter by observation and investigation. This lesson takes about 5 class hours to complete.


This unit addresses the following Arizona State Science Standards.
Standard 1: Science as Inquiry

Standard 2: History and Nature of Science
2SC-E4. Identify characteristics of scientific ways of thinking. Describe the following scientific processes: observing, communicating, comparing, organizing, relating, inferring, and applying.

Standard 5: Physical Science
5SC-E1. Examine, describe, compare, measure, and classify objects and mixtures of substances based on common physical and chemical properties.


 Lesson Plans (pdf/doc)
 Key terms (pdf/doc)
 Quiz (pdf/doc)
 Rubric (pdf/doc)
 Student Worksheets (pdf/doc)