Lesson: Animal Behaviour

Author: Lydia Pyne

Area: Anthropology

Grade Level: 6-8

Overview: This lesson is best incorporated into a unit on ecosystems and discussions about different animal species that live in different environments. Each of the classroom days will take about 1-1.5 hours and the time at the zoo should be at least 3-3.5 hours.


  • Science as Inquiry
  • 1SC-E3:Organize data into an appropriate format
  • Construct a representation of data
  • History and Nature of Science
  • 2SC-E4:Describe scientific processes: observing, relating, inferring, applying, etc.
  • 2SC-E6:Demostrate that science is an ongoing process of gathering and evaluating
  • information, assessing evidence for and against theories.
  • Life Science
  • 4SC-E5:Describe organism adaptations or constancy over geologic time
  • Identify environmental factors that may determine adaptations or constancy of an organism over geologic time.
Lesson Plan (pdf/doc)
Students Worksheets (pdf/doc)